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With my Marketing your American Dream masterclass, you'll gather in-depth knowledge and tricks about the most important aspects of making your website your full-proof salesman

  • Fixing Leaks in Website

    Leaky websites do more harm than good to your business. In this masterclass, you'll learn to fix those leaks and turn leads into sales.

  • Making Google your friend

    With more than 80% search volume, Google dominates the online search business. I will explain how you can make Google your friend to dominate the search results.

  • All about Sales Funnel

    Sales funnel are everywhere. Learn the correct way to use this ingredient in your marketing recipe for the ultimate growth you have dreamt of.

  • The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

    Learn all about your online face - your website. How is it hurting your business, what is good about it and how can be it ugly?

  • 8 Step Formula

    This masterclass also explains the 8-step formula to rank higher and among the top results on the Google search results. Just follow these steps to reach the sky.

  • The 7 Ingredients

    Learn about the seven ingredients of a sales funnel. With these ingredients kept in mind, you can create the most profitable funnel which will turn leads to sales.

Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them yourself.

– Eleanor Roosevelt

Start Learning
Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them yourself.
  • Master of all

    This group of business owners tries their best to use the website to grow their business, spending a lot of money. Many times at wrong places due to wrong decisions. The 'Marketing your American Dream' masterclass will help you to stop those unnecessary spending.

  • Sleepy & Torpid

    Some business owners have spent some money on getting a world-class website and landing page, but, ages before. Now the technology and design aspects are changing so rapidly that you need to keep it updated on a year-on-year basis. This masterclass will help you do just that.

  • Stubborn and "I know it"

    This group is hard-to-handle. They think that they know how to market their business without using the website. They refuse to have a website. They fear change. Remember, change is the only thing that's constant. You must change to adapt. Start the change by getting the masterclass.

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

In this era, if you need to run your business, you need an online face - The Website. But a website can be good, bad and ugly too. Check out the masterclass to know the various aspects of a website and whether your website is good for you or not.
What is the Good, the Bad & the Ugly?
The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

A Leaky Website?

It's good that you got a website for your business. But is it working for you? Are you sure that it's not leaky? Yes, a leaky website may cause more harm than good to your business and your reputation. If you don't know what a leaky website is, check it out and start 'Marketing your American Dream'.
Is my website leaky?
A Leaky Website?

Let your website work for you; full-time.

Yes, you heard it right, your website is the online face for your business. You can go on a long vacation, if you have a website which works for you. Join the masterclass to know more.

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Making Google your friend

The popular crowd is no longer the football players and cheerleaders. The "popular crowd" we want to be friends with looks much different, because, today it's a search engine. If you're liked by Google, then everyone else will fall in line. More people will like you and more people will want to buy from you. It‟s that simple.
Make Google my friend
Making Google your friend

Ingredients for Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel - one of the biggest topics in marketing today. There is so much buzz about it that many people are confused. They end up marketing in a wrong way. You don't want to do that. This masterclass will help you understand ins and outs of any sales funnel.
The right way to learn about Sales Funnel
Ingredients for Sales Funnel

Why everyone is attending it?

The 'Marketing your American Dream' masterclass is loved by one and all.

Everyone who has heard of this masterclass has enrolled for it within the next 24 hours. Everyone seems to know the value of having the perfect website in today's 'online' world. If you have not yet enrolled for the masterclass, then you are losing a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn about the secrets of marketing your online face. Now is the right time to grab this opportunity and let your website do the work for you.
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A smart man makes a mistake & learns from it. But a wise man finds a smart man & learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether.

-Roy H. Williams

Be a wise man
A smart man makes a mistake & learns from it. But a wise man finds a smart man & learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether.

Go on a vacation

Yes, this masterclass can help you to get time to go on a vacation you've dreamt of. With the perfect website which is working for your business 24x7 and generating revenue which you've only dreamt of, you can get an ample amount of time to plan the perfect vacation.
Start planning my vacation
Go on a vacation

Meet Your Marketing Instructor

  • Justin Larson

    Author, Speaker, Marketer, CEO, & World Traveler

    Justin Larson

    With more than 15 years of core online marketing experience, Justin is the best marketing guru to grow your business. He has worked with numerous startups and well-established players from different niche to help them expand and generate revenue which anyone can just dream of. He has started to share his valuable knowledge with the world and 'Marketing your American Dream' masterclass is one of the many classes that he has personally designed.

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Bonus material

Apart from the original masterclass, you'll get instant access to some of the most sought after secrets

  • High Click-Rate E-mail Template

    I have designed some email templates keeping in mind the research on tracking readers' eye movements. Using this you can be sure that these will get a lot more clicks than that you're using now.

  • Continuous Course Updates

    You'll also get Facebook ad templates, not one but four of them. These templates can be used for any kind of online business, be it a service offering or an e-commerce store.

  • Access Our Network

    You will also get access to our secret Facebook group where exclusive business connections and friendships will be made. After you join, we will send you an invitation to join with the e-mail you sign up with.

Not only that

There is bonus to the bonus material. With the email marketing templates, you'll get a ton of more features. That's cherry on the cake.

  • Newsletter builder. No coding experience required.

  • Major email client compatibility so you can be sure it looks good everywhere.

  • Fully responsive. Stop worrying about the device screen size, we've taken care of it for you.

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  • Must have masterclass

    Umang Kagathara

    I am a mid-size business owner. I have a website developed by a top design agency in my state. But it was not gaining enough traction. One of my friend who d...

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    I am a mid-size business owner. I have a website developed by a top design agency in my state. But it was not gaining enough traction. One of my friend who does some part-time freelance projects informed me about this masterclass which could help me. I learned a lot about this and hired a freelancer providing him the inputs from the masterclass. So in all, if you have this masterclass, you don't need a top class design agency. Go for it! All the best!

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