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Course curriculum

Learn all thes industry secrest that I have gathered with my long 15 plus years of experience in core fields.

  • 1
    Websites: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
    • Introduction
    • Websites – How they help your business grow (The Good)
    • Websites – How It Could be Hurting Your Business (The Bad)
    • The Ugly – The Leaky Website
    • The Wrap-up
    • What’s Coming Next?
  • 2
    Finding the Leaks in Your Website
    • Introduction
    • What can cause a leak in your website?
    • Capturing Traffic and Turning it into Leads
    • 5 Common Root Causes to Diagnose
    • The Inability to Turn Leads into Sales
    • Fixing Leaks, Yourself, and Knowing When to Call a Professional
    • Wrapping It Up
  • 3
    The Secret to Making Google Your Best Friend
    • Introduction
    • The Inner Circle
    • An Insider’s Look
    • The 8 Keys to Making Google Your Best Friend
    • Knowing When to Level Up
    • Having the Right Pieces in the Right Place
    • Wrapping It Up
    • What’s to Come
  • 4
    Ingredients for Marketing Your American Dream
    • Introduction
    • What You Need to Know About Sales Funnels
    • The Difference Between Your Sales Funnel and Your Other Marketing Strategies
    • The Real-Life Implications of Sales Funnels and the Lack There of
    • Wrapping It Up
  • 5
    The Time is Now
    • Introduction
    • Never Stop Being Honest with Yourself
    • What’s Next?
    • A Few Last Thoughts
  • 6
    Bonus Content
    • Please download the bonus content

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